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High Fidelity

by Broken Radio

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DJHDD Not sure you like Alt-Country, this album may change your mind...slick, glossy produced Country songs steeped in a atmospheric past, lighting the way forward for future Country music. Laced with with drum loops & electronic effects this deserves the name High Fidelity. youtu.be/Rq3XepUKmuU Favorite track: Roads To Roam.
Losing You 05:20
Losing You A face in the mirror A person unknown The eyes of a stranger Reflection of my own Did we really Change that much Are we slowly Losing touch Losing you Is such an easy thing to do Letting go A love that is hard to hold Casting shadows Leaving traces In my mind no Memory erases Love and sorrow Passion and pain There are times when They all feel the same Losing you Is such an easy thing to do Letting go A love that is hard to hold I made my choices I took my chances Took some wrong turns Never came to my senses Losing you Is such an easy thing to do Letting go A love that is hard to hold Losing you There is nothing I can do Letting go A love that’s growing cold
Roads To Roam Silhouette in my rear view mirror Distant lights, fading glow I touch the night with the hum of the engine The rhythm of the road Sometimes I feel so tied down So lost and out of place I need to run, to ride, to ramble Need to get some dirt in my face From the shadows of the mountains To all the places down the road You are always on my mind No matter where I go If you never go out wandering If you got no roads to roam There ain’t no returning There ain’t no coming home Now I’m rolling with the thunder Of a thousand thunder storms Following down that old white line Straight back into your arms From the shadows of the mountains To the city’s neon glow You are always on my mind No matter where I go
High Roller's Blues I've been out there my sweet baby and I played the game I looked right deep into the devil's eyes He stole my soul and he tried to take my pride He just laughed and I knew I ain’t never gonna roll the dice I'm still out there my sweet baby as the game rolls on Don't know how to stop it, to take control I've pushed too hard, I've gone too far, I can't get back I'm a high roller caught in a trap
Ballad Of A Loaded Gun Sirenes echoe through the rainy night The word is spread some girl had died Her loved ones cry the scene is crowded A viscious crime no doubt about it I shot her down I shot her dead I sent a message right through her head Her time had come the hour of death When I made her feel my iron breath Roaring thunder, the job was done There is a killer in everyone No regrets no guilt I feel Ain't got no soul got a heart of steel I'm a drug that makes you strong I don't care about what's right or wrong I'm the coolest thing you've ever seen I never speak a word but I act so mean Yes I am supposed to kill You can be sure I always will You knew before you could figure What would happen when you pulled the trigger She went to heaven and you to hell Now you find yourself locked up in jail But I'm out here I'm still at large It ain't me who's on a murder charge Yeah that's right I'm the gun you draw I make the rules I'm the law What's wrong for you is just right for me I ain't got no responsibility So all you critics don't blame me not I'm just a loaded gun and do my job
Early Train Blues There’s a train I ride Every day Before the morning light Far away By the light of dawn I’m asleep And this dream I have Keeps haunting me Flying down the tracks Running wild and free The law in our hands Loose as can be We robbed a man With a rusty knife We took everything from him Took his life The body on the floor Blood all over the place The knife in my hand Tears on my face I hear the sirens scream The whistle blow I hear it in my dream Time for me to go Now I’m a wanted man I have robbed I have killed They are trying to make me pay For the blood that I’ve spilled There’s a train I ride Every day If only I could stop this train And ride away
Lone Star Highway Always rockin’ always rollin’ The kinda life that he liked best Sweet voices calling Calling him from way out west Many a mile we rode together Down that Lone Star Highway Going wild, going crazy Now he's gone for good, he's gone to stay Fare thee well, it’s the end of the ride No more miles left to burn Nowhere to head for, no place left to hide On this road of no return Where will we be going when we're gone Will there be smoky bars and blues guitars Colored lights and hot Southern nights Will we be dancing with the stars Thought the road would go on forever Thought the party would never end A pile of memories is all there is There’s something missing here my friend Fare thee well, it’s the end of the ride No more miles left to burn Nowhere to head for, no place left to hide On this road of no return
Into The Fire Never ever wanted To fall in love with you All of my life I’ve been so lonely So sad and blue Thought I’d need nobody I’d be better off alone Until you came my way girl And took me along Deeper and deeper I’m sliding Higher and higher I’m riding You came without a warning Out of the blue You’re in my blood I feel you through and through I can’t get enough now It’s a burning desire It’s a hell of a trip Right into the fire Deeper and deeper I’m sliding Higher and higher I’m riding
Lost And Found The road is long When you’re far from home The road is long When you’re too long gone I’ll see you around At the lost and found The road you take The choice you make No matter what road you take What difference does it make You’re on your way down To the lost and found The faster you go The greater you grow No matter no, no, no You won’t change the way things go I’ll see you around At the lost and found We’re two lost souls On a downhill road We’re two lost souls Running from the cold I’ll be waiting around At the lost and found The road is long How can we go on The road is long I'm too long gone I'll see you around At the lost and found
The Final Waltz When I close my dim eyes All those dirty lies Fade away into the long black night In the last thirty seconds All my serious weapons Melt away with a whispering sound There's a jail I can't leave There's a fort and a chief Sinking down in the marshy ground Red toxic passions And lethal obsessions Cease from their profession Who the devil are you Where are you leading me through Out of space and out of time Surrender without complaining Nothing is remaining But a lovely nursery rhyme
Out In the Country Want to go out to the country Catch a breath and take some time Close my eyes and look around Find some piece of mind City life just wears me out Yeah, this old town drags me down Hard luck stories, broken dreams There’s no love in this town Don’t need no glamorous boulevards No concrete walls, no shopping malls No plastic babes, no fashion slaves Ain’t gotta ride the latest wave There’s a lot of crazy things I’ve been running for Fast lane living sometimes gets too fast Just can’t take it anymore Come along with me babe, come on join the ride Follow me down, if you got leaving on your mind Come away with me, stay with me, break free with me And leave those city lights far behind Want to go out to the country With you babe by my side Want to make love to you out in the country Underneath a great big sky


released February 25, 2010

all songs written by Klaus Patzak except "The Final Waltz" by Thomas Ganshorn

recorded and produced by Klaus Patzak

The players:
Thomas Ganshorn: drum programming, percussions and keyboards on "The Final Waltz"
Axel Ludwig: bass on most of the tracks
Phil Hurd: slide guitar on "Losing You", "Lost And Found", The Final Waltz" and "Lonestar Highway".
Klaus Patzak: vocals, guitars, keyboards


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Broken Radio Landsberg Am Lech, Germany

"Alt-country combined with drum loops and electronic effects? Only in Germany. But the results are surprisingly true to the genre, considering Klaus Patzak's restrained vocals and slow-burn tempo. Patzak's songs simmer with a spaghetti-western feel that makes Broken Radio's music uniquely atmospheric - and unusually fun." ... more

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